We are primarily a “Customer Relationship” Company and we encourage you to be proactive and maintain the standards of the Company. We also expect our teams to maintain integrity, honesty and loyalty to the company at all times.

JIT’s culture is defined by the environment in which our employees work. We have all levels of employees, coming from different backgrounds and industries. The best and only one culture that we practice at JIT is a Team based culture. No matter who you are or where you have come from – we will coach and mentor you to adapt to our team based culture. We expect all the employees to come out as one voice.

The JIT culture does also include a variety of elements such as; a comprehensive work environment, a company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. We also expect our teams to maintain high standard of integrity and loyalty to the company without question at all times. We truly believe that this culture leads our staff to an enjoyable place to work for. As a result the company will develop better relationships with Coworkers, Customers and Principals towards our drive as a high performance organization. Our 20 Years of being in the ICT industry is a great testimony to this culture we have nurtured from inception.