In commemoration of International Women’s Day 2022, Just In Time Group spoke to a few of our female employees from different departments, within the organization to find out their thoughts on what ’International Women’s Day’ means to them.

This is what they had to say…

The theme of 2022’s International Women’s Day is “#BreakTheBias: Imagine a gender-equal world.”

What does that phrase mean to you when it comes to your career?

Ruwini: “Gender-Equal World” sounds like a world that is peaceful, beautiful, prosperous, and a world where women do not have to worry about the breach of fundamental rights. A world where women can conquer anything without being discriminated.  

Dulanka: If you can do better in your career with your knowledge, hard work, and your experience, then gender doesn’t matter at all. I believe, women never expect gender equality, but they expect proper respect from everyone to build their confidence and career and therefore provide a maximum contribution towards the organization.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”

– Michelle Obama –

Samanmali: Considering the workplace, gender equality means to have equal opportunities, resources and rewards for both men and women alike. It also should address equal participation in the workforce and equity in leadership regardless of gender.

My job requires a lot of effort, responsibility and commitment and this is the same for all my colleagues who work with me regardless of their gender.


Which women support and inspire you on your career path? These examples can include leaders, celebrities, trailblazers, colleagues, family, etc.

Ruwini: Any woman who is determined, loyal, fearless, resilient, and has a beautiful heart would inspire me. It can be my mother, my boss or it can be the janitor who comes to clean my room.

I admire my beautiful mother, Anna Wintour – Editor in Chief Vogue. I love her courage and determination.

Here at JIT, it is definitely my boss, Sherene Goonetilleke, the COO of Just In Time Group. She is determined, very loyal, and has a beautiful heart.

Dulanka: It is difficult to mention only one as there are many women who supported and inspired me during my career.

For one, my mother supported and inspired me in every move throughout my life. She always guides me and shares good advice. I am happy to have my mother as my best friend who inspires me every day, every moment.

I have worked in many organizations for years, but I haven’t found such a supportive woman like Rajika Suriyapathirana in my career. She is the Head of Finance and Administration at JIT. She always shares her knowledge and experiences with the team to become a better version of ourselves.

She is an inspiration, especially when she helps us during our tough times.

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on”

 – Serena Williams –

Sammanmali: From my childhood, my grandmother was a huge inspiration to everything I do. She was a superwoman who always spread the “can do” attitude.

When considering my career path, I was self-inspired and self-directed.


What gender-specific challenges, stereotypes, or barriers have you had to overcome during your career?

Ruwini: We all face challenges in life. Challenges are there for both men and women. But what is most important is to uplift each other. Women should uplift each other. Sadly, this isn’t happening.

One of the biggest challenges I have seen is that women degrade other women. We will never be able to imagine a gender-equal world if women do not support each other. I think it’s time to break this cycle.

Dulanka: As long as a woman has mastered her line of work and has proven she is capable of her job, she can overcome all obstacles.


How do you think the mission of JIT ties into the theme of “#BreakTheBias: Imagine a gender-equal world” celebrated this International Women’s Day?

Ruwini: JIT has given many opportunities to women to be leaders, where we do not see any gender bias which is why I feel so at home. The only thing that I would encourage is that women should uplift each other. We should be women that fix other women’s crowns. Not the ones who break it.

Dulanka: The mission of JIT ties into the theme perfectly, as we can see women been represented in the senior management team and across department head positions. This shows equality given to women at JIT, with no bias, as well as respect for women’s ideas and decisions.

“Doubt is a killer. You just have to know who you are and what you stand for” 

– Jennifer Lopez

Sammanmali:  JIT is one of the leading ICT companies that could be considered as a role model for a gender-equal world as JIT always treats its employees well regardless of their gender. This doesn’t even come to question for me, as we are all one team and one family here.


Sachith’s Story as a Developer

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Developer? Then this story is for you.

Sachith Lakmal, an Associate Tech Lead at JIT, shares his experience giving us a walkthrough into his life in this role, to get to know a little bit what it’s like to be a software developer.

Here’s what Sachith Shared with us.

Why did you want to become a developer?

This was my ambition since I was a kid. When my friends wanted to become Doctors and engineers, I always wanted to be a Software engineer. I pride myself on having design-, conceptual- and software-skills.

What skills do you need to have as a developer?

This vary from which type of developer you want to be. As an example, if you want to be a Web developer, you need to know the related web technologies. If you want to be a mobile application developer there are other technologies you need to learn.

Nowadays companies don’t just recruit backend developers, front end developers etc. The trend is full-stack developer who knows programming languages, databases, testing etc. Like an all-rounder.

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

My job is to make sure the live application runs smooth as possible. In order to do that, we monitor the live system and if having any load problems during peak hours. If any issue, we have to act immediately to solve the issue.

Apart from that we have to fix bugs reported in live environment and we do new feature developments. This is what keeps me going every day and which I love to do.

What’s the best thing about your job?

For me the best thing about the job is that I get to solve challenging issues. For most issues we get solutions from internet. There are some issues which we research in depth in order to resolve the issue. That’s what make me a better developer every day.

What is your advice to freshers who is eager to experience developing?

Technology is changing every day, so we need to learn lot of things. However, rather than leaning all the things at once, freshers should focus on learning a primary programming langue up to a certain level. I have seen most developers they learn lot of languages and tools but only bits and pieces. Once you fully confident with one language, it is easy to move in to either areas easily.

You will find different challenges than in your day-to-day coding and hopefully find yourself totally immersed. Doing something you love as a job can sometimes make you forget why you started in the first place. It’s important to stay in touch with that feeling and your intrinsic motivation.


Are you a Software Engineer looking for a new challenge and does Sachith’s story inspire you? Perfect! We have several stories coming up that might be interesting for you! Keep in touch!!

Meet our ‘Music Maestro’ Mewan

“It was my dream to become a corporate relationship manager and to be an account manager in an IT firm was beyond that. I wanted to pursue this career as consultative selling is a skill I wanted to enhance and it only comes with practice. JIT not only gave me that but also equipped me with the right training for what I needed to perform my job.”

Meet Our Banking Sector, Account Manager…

Our new Team JIT folk Mewan Fernando, joins us after serving solid 6 years as a Banker, who is passionate about account management, consultative selling and solution selling.

Mewan is our Account Manager for the Banking Sector and his colleague, and music partner Kushan (from the HR Team) had a quick Q&A with him, to find out more about what keeps him going. Here what he shared.

After spending 6 years at HSBC, why did you make a decision to join an IT Company? And Why JIT?

It was my dream to become a corporate relationship manager and to be an account manager in an IT firm and beyond. I wanted to pursue the career of consultative selling, as it’s a skill I wanted to develop. which only comes with hands-on practice.

I lost interest in being a banker some time back, as there was not much room for creativity and strategic thinking for myself. So, this is what got me searching for the right opportunity in the market, which took over a year to find, where I could contribute to an organization while loving what I do. JIT was that stop, which not only gave me the opportunity, but also equipped me with the correct training for what I needed for my growth, and to perform in my job role. The past six months have been the most exciting period of my career, despite the pandemic. The constant support I receive to perform as a newcomer into an IT related to job from a banking background with zero IT knowledge – is just amazing.

What do you think is the most valuable trait an Account Manager should have?
Consultative selling skills would be the most important trait/skill in my book, but, looking at the case studies and veterans in the industry it is fair to claim that it takes more than just one skill. Success in the industry requires a mix of essentials varying from relationship skills, business acumen skills to strategic thinking traits. Most importantly, in my belief, it all boils down to hard work more than talent and it is the attitude at the end of the day that determines our traits.

Being in Sales is not easy. How do you plan and prioritize your work?

I am a big fan of the 5 am club and I usually start my day earlier and it helps me to clear my pending personal work and job-related work. I have a habit of adding tasks on my outlook with reminders based on urgency and importance which has made it easy for me to follow up on work.

Tell us what struck you most about the JIT culture.

I would describe it in three words; friendly, performance-driven, and open. I have dealt with many IT firms during my time as a banker and my perception of the culture of any IT firm was different from what I experience at JIT. It’s a culture of energy and collaboration. My biggest fear was adopting to a local company after working for an international bank and the people at JIT made it easy.

Tell us something you like most to do, which your colleagues are not aware of?

I love cooking, reading books, and watching movies, tv-series, documentaries based on real-life events. I’m passionate about traveling and I also love reading about history, especially medieval Europe, ancient Egypt, and World War 2. I’m also a devoted Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fan.

Apart from what Mewan shared with us in his Q&A, (which he didn’t share) he is an absolutely fabulous singer and guitarist. He has become a permanent member of our Team JIT singing squad. So, here’s wishing Mewan best of luck for a rewarding career with JIT!

Meet our ‘Techie’, Ruksala!


“I feel JIT has a connected culture where each employee is valued, accepted and everyone has a sense of belonging.  JIT as a company make efforts not only to make employees satisfied but to make them happy. It creates opportunities on regular basis for employees to have fun.



Meet Ruksala..

A day in the life of a Quality Assurance Engineer isn’t really all too different from that of a software developer. We’re excited to feature, Ruksala Sajeewani Wimalasooriya from our company who has been with us for 4 + years.

Ruksala is a Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, who is currently outsourced to a USA based project. During a quick chat with her by our HR team, here’s what she shared with us.


Being in the IT industry what challenges do you see for a female?

Maintaining a work/home-life balance is the biggest challenge I see in IT industry because sometimes females also have to work late hours to keep up with the project deadlines. Taking time for self-care or making it home for family dinner, maintaining this balance is sometimes a challenge. But as females we are inherently good at multi-tasking and managing our challenges.


Keeping up with the industry trends and learning new skills can also be quite challenging specially in IT industry as it is constantly progressing.


How is JIT supporting you to overcome the challenges you shared?

Finishing the work during designated business hours is not possible in IT industry, mostly when multiple project deadlines have a similar end date. In such times every team member works tirelessly towards a common goal, regardless of gender.

This is where JIT empowers us by providing transportation and food allowances when we work late. They also make sure we return home safe at a point when we were working from the client site.! (Currently we are WFH).


We are also encouraged to attend various training programs, workshops and tech talks etc., which are organzied and funded by JIT so that we could sharpen our skills and advance our professional career. For Instance, JIT conducted a Toast masters training which I took part in which I enjoyed very much as it was so different from my technical trainings and it improved my public speaking skills tremendously. JIT has always ensured an equal opportunity and supported every employee to reach their potential. The choice is ours to take and make the best of it.


Would you like to share your experience in working for a US client?

The first thing that comes to mind, when I talk about the experience with USA client is their cutting-edge tools and technologies. They are fabulously streamlining the business processes including development, testing, customer services and IT security using these tools and technologies. The exposure to the latest technologies we get by this project is tremendous.

As the US Client teams are geographically dispersed worldwide – they follow the benefits of international diversity, bringing together people from many cultures, varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and organizational challenges. They also allow flexible hours and work from home options as part of their HR policy, which is a great option for employees and specially who have children, giving a better work life balance experience.


How do you plan and prioritize your work?

We all know the ‘go to’ piece of advice to plan and prioritize work is to make a to do list and cross off the items when they are done. Even though it sounds lovely in theory, I was never able to stick to the list or complete the list as I always get a bit side tracked with some unplanned but urgent tasks. So, when it comes to planning the day, instead of writing down list of tasks I choose the one task that MUST get done and get this done as this would have the most impact.


Simply said, I start with the biggest, hardest and most important task and then move on to the other tasks.


How would you describe the JIT culture?

JIT has a connected culture where each employee is valued, accepted and everyone has a sense of belonging – this is what I feel and have experience. JIT as a company make an effort not only to make employees satisfied but to make them happy. This creates occasions on regular basis for employees to have fun (pre-covid). Even though I am outsourced and working at client site, I visit because I enjoy participating for all JIT events, as i feel comfortable to mingle and have little chats with other colleagues as they make me feel included.


Tell us, what you like most to do – something which your colleagues may not even know of

I do not get to cook as a chore, but I love experimenting various rice recipes, soup and other dessert recipes. Soup is my favorite and sometimes I try with different ingredients and spices to make my original soup. It never gets repetitive as I always mix things up.

There is nothing more fulfilling in my work than releasing a product into the wild and seeing it flourish. It’s a great field to be in. It’s a great industry to be working in, and a challenging and enjoyable role to fill.


Hope you got to know Ruksala a little bit better, who is valued member of our Team JIT family.

25 Years! What a milestone for Just In Time Group

25 Years! What a milestone for Just In Time Group.


The Year was 1996. Sri Lanka won the Cricket World Cup and was acknowledged as a force to be reckoned with. That is exactly what Just In Time Group (JIT) is today! 1996 was the start to the JIT’s humble beginnings from selling Compaq computers from a basement office to a diversified giant in the ICT industry today where we focus on being a systems integrator (SI) offering state of the art, ICT solutions and services for the Banking, Government and Telco sectors. Founded by visionary ICT leader Jit Warnakulasuriya who had a vision for the Company which has far exceeded by what the Group is today.

Today, JIT is still going strong, as a fully Sri Lankan Owned company. Along our journey, we continued to do things no one else had done before and played a significant role in the industry, today we are the backbone of critical systems and solutions in the country. From Supporting the Real Time Gross settlement system of the Central bank of Sri Lanka to the implementation and maintenance of the National Payment system at LankaClear (Pvt) Limited to the Digital Banking system at People’s bank, the list is endless. It has been a steady and resilient journey for JIT. It takes something special for a business to keep its doors open successfully for a quarter of a century, especially in a rapidly evolving and competitive industry like ICT and that is exactly what JIT has proven to be – Steady and Resilient.

JIT is known as a trail blazer in the local ICT arena with solutions and services which have empowered institutions to revolutionize their business and industries.

JIT started modestly with just four employees and has firmly established itself as a reputed Group with over 400 staff. JIT provides systems integration, network and infrastructure solutions, hardware, outsourcing IT professionals, professional services, information security services, maintenance and support services, etc.

“We firmly believe in value creation through technology be it to our customers or from them to their customers. We place great emphasis on what we have maintained with our customers in terms of relationships and embracing and enhancing technology, and to that end, most of our key customers are returning customers remarked Chrishan Mendis – CEO of JIT who has been with the company for 23 of the 25 years. It is indeed with nostalgia and pride that I look back over all that we have achieved and our impact on the nation”

JIT’s core strength is being instrumental in designing purpose driven solutions for complex IT needs of their customers and delivering them successfully with agility and flexibility. Thereafter JIT continues to be there for the customer as their trusted and dependable support partner.

And what’s even more exciting is that JIT is gearing up for their next chapter, through organic growth and acquisitions, JIT has strengthened its business and looking forward to growing their new expansion plans in order to provide their customers with the same best of breed solutions and support been received to date.


It’s all about the People

“Unfortunately, we aren’t able celebrate our momentous occasion due to the pandemic situation. However, there is never a better time to acknowledge and appreciate the people who helped us get to where we are today.

To our Customers: Thank you for trusting us for so many years and making us an industry leader. We are honored to have your trust and will work tirelessly to continue to deserve it. Without your trust and commitment to us, we would not be where we are today. We look forward to continuing to serve you, for many more years to come.

To our Principals: To be in business for this long, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative long standing partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both JIT and our customers. We thank you for your expertise and skills in helping us serve our customers and impact our nation.

To our current and former Employees: Your commitment to put our customers first and to live our corporate values have been integral to our success, and has enabled us to stand the test of time. Whether you are a current employee or a former employee, thank you for your commitment, dedication and service to us.

To our Suppliers: Thank you for the support and commitment to our business even in difficult times.

To our Bankers: Thank you for being our companions and the timely assistance in all our financial dealings.

To all other stakeholders: committed CIOs of the country – your vision for greater things in our industry is what drives us. ICTA – for being the catalyst in our industry and the visionary leadership. Our consultants for your trust in us and standing by us.

Finally, to our Board – Thank you for your immense support and visionary guidance to achieving phenomenal growth for the Group.” Shared Chrishan.

For over two decades, JIT has been revolutionising businesses and their value addition to their customer through industry first technologies. JIT has long been playing a silent role in supporting the country’s essential services delivering some of the nations’ critical systems and they look forward to continuing the same into the future for the Nation.

Meet Our Group Manager PR and Corporate Communications


“6 Years and counting! It has been and still is one amazing adventure, with limitless growth, learning to be resilient, open communication to talk freely and customers who make you innovate. This invaluable experience is what I value at JIT.”

Meet Our Group Manager PR and Corporate Communications

We’re are excited to feature a live wire, Dhanya Gunawardana from our company who has been with us for 6+ years.

Dhanya is our Group Manager -Public relations and Corporate Communication, who has worked across many industries, before she settled in with JIT. Her colleague and friend, Dilshani (Group Manager HR) had a quick Q&A with her, so read on to hear what she has to say.

What excites you about working at JIT?

For me personally, I always need to be fulfilled in whatever I do, whether it’s my workout, making a favourite dish, helping someone, or performing in my job role – I need to have meaning in what I’m doing with the ability to use skills to its fullest. This stimulates my confidence, and when I am confident, I am better geared to rise above challenges. This why the mantra #WeDontDoAverage resonates with me, as this for me means – we need to keep pushing forward to not just survive but to have purpose.

This is JIT through and through, which can be only experienced by meeting people behind the scenes. It’s people, Team JIT, who is the core, that teaches you to push past your fears to create your own success. Take it or Leave it mentality which I love – Honest and Direct!

Being a live wire, it’s just how I am wired. I take every experience I encounter, as a learning for my own growth mindset.

A PR & Corporate Communications role needs a combination of multiple skills, with a strong multi-tasking ability, because you need to be very Creative, well versed at Presentations and public speaking, Communicating using Data, Research and Analytical thinking, Technical skills and effective Writing skills to be effective in the role, so that the communication is clear, to varied audiences across many demographics.

The objective of my job role is to create comprehensive solutions that strengthen messages, engage audiences, and inspire a call to action. You’ve got to nail every word, make the message clear, capture the interest of the audience and get a call to action for every output. I love all of it.

 Key Take Away

1# Take Time to get to know each of your co-workers personally; they all have really interesting stories to tell.

It dawned on me that perhaps, there was a disconnect between how my co-workers saw me and expected me to act, which came down to understanding who I was, where I came from. Recognizing this, I made a conscious effort from the word go, in order to fit into the JIT Culture, I needed to make and create a meaningful impact, with my co-workers, as well just in my work.

One day, when team members came into my office and wanted to chat about their stories, I jumped in an interrupted before they could finish. This was a bad habit had, which has vastly improved. But soon, I got their candid feedback saying, ‘Dhans just let me finish’.

Following my team mate’s advice, I began putting more time, energy, and effort improving this weakness – because I needed to improveme this to inculcate meaningful relationships. I made the effort, stepped back to give full attention truly listen to understand – not just to reply.

Trusting team mates, and vice versa, takes time. In fact, if I had not taken the time to get to know my co-workers, the people – who the most important part of the company, I would have not been able to build or form any meaningful relationships, friendships, nor progress as an individual on a personal or professional level.

But you know what happened? Being genuinely interested in them, helping them when I could and building relationships eased the stress of work, and the strain of challenging tasks. Being a true people-person felt good!

So, through this I learned that work relationships are essential in helping you succeed. People respond well to those they know and those who treat them right.

Once I realized this, three notable things happened:

  • I was given more responsibility – new job role areas
  • My ideas were heard (and very often approved)
  • Additional support from Teams

What personality characteristics are most important to be successful in a team environment?

Empathy, Kindness and Respect 100% – without a doubt!

When you have strong relationships with your team mates, we will be respected more. And when we’re respected, more, you can speak and expect people to listen to what you’re saying. Even if your team mates don’t agree with you 100% with your ideas or comments, they’re likely to take a chance and offer support if they value you as a person and as a professional. Having your Team Mates on your side means that if you make the infrequent last-minute request, ask for a favor, or even miss a deadline, you’re not going to be punished for it.

To have strong relationships, you need to have Empathy, kindness and respect, which all results in your personal growth, success and happiness. Is that what we all want – to be happy?

What is something people should know about you?

  1. I am an extrovert and an introvert – an ambivert! Also, that I am Loyal to a fault. I have never been a fan of hidden agendas, but I do respect and value discretion, with trust being the most important. This is probably why am very direct or brutally honest as I’m told – but not judgmental
  2. I’m a complete makeup, food and skincare junkie. I started making my own organic skin care products for myself and for a few friends of mine, which I started in my early 20’s. (Gosh, which makes it over a decade with this obsession). I use to watch Youtube videos daily, taking down notes, to meticulously test and create my own products. Even perfume!

What sources of social media do you follow regularly, and why those ones

Linkedin and Pinterest.

I love Pinterest, because it stimulates my idea generation when exploring, images and videos on virtual bulletin boards. Whether you want ideas to revamp your boardroom, to getting lead generation tips for your social media posts – You have it all.

Linkedin. This is another fantastic platform which I personally use it for my continuous learning to develop my skills, to validate your skills, learn from your peers, leaders and to networking. And, the more you use it, the more you learn and connect with other people in and outside your niche.  A key aspect which I like, is that, it lets others speak for you. Personal branding is not all about you telling the world how great you are – it confirms the truth when others help you confirm your accomplishments or skills.

We all know you have a lot of Energy. But tell me What do you do like doing most outside of work?

I was definitely born with excess amounts of energy, but I do love to relax. But my definition of relaxing is a combination of things, from a good workout, cooking something delicious to eat, spending time with family and friends, giving my dog a bath, watching true crime documentaries on Netflix, creating homemade organic body packs and scrubs, strolling around supermarkets to see what’s new, and so much more – The list goes on! Saying it all, seems a bit overloaded to be relaxing, but strangely it isn’t for me. Call it a blessing or a curse, it keeps me stress-free.

Being part of this JIT is also being part it’s exciting 25-year journey, which you are intrinsically part of, end to end.

There you go folks. Hope you got to know Dhanya a little bit better. She’s an integral part of Team JIT and we are excited to witness her journey going forward.

JIT Group expands senior leadership team

Just In Time Group (JIT) announced two new appointments to its senior leadership team with great stride and abundance for future growth in the company and stakeholders.

Joining as General Manager – Delivery and Services, Raj Alagendran is a multi-faceted, manager who has proven expertise of consistently and successfully delivering large scale projects, working at multi nationals all over the globe. Raj brings with him 30 years of hands-on experience in building and operating global shared services. He has managed projects in a number of professional areas like engineering and education. American Express, International Baccalaureate and Alstom are a few examples of companies that he has been a part of and consequentially brought them immense success. Alagendran holds an Executive MBA from the Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong Australia. He also holds a Bachelor of commerce from the University of New South Wales in the field of International Finance.

“Team JIT is very pleased to welcome strong industry experts such as Damitha and Raj into our leadership team where their wealth of knowledge, extensive experience and insights will no doubt, add greater value to our Group and contribute to our sustained growth as an organisation,” said Chief Executive Officer Chrishan Mendis.

JIT commenced operations in 1996 as a single entity in a 100sq ft. basement office – a journey which started 23 years ago. Since its humble beginnings, JIT has grown from a team of four members to a group of 290 employees with varied Information and Communications Technology (ICT) offerings ranging from systems integration to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Furthermore, JIT was the only local company recognised in the APAC CIO Outlook magazine’s Annual Top 25 Government and Public Sector Technology Providers for 2017. With over 23 years of excellence, JIT provides cutting-edge integrated solutions to telecommunications, government, health, defence, and financial sectors.Damitha Jayawardena with a career spanning over 16 years at JIT with vast experience in strategic sales will Head the Sales Team. He is promoted from the position of General Manager – Strategic Sales. He has been instrumental in crafting the customer’s requirements to achieve the overall business objective and this skill along with his immense experience at JIT and the IT industry as a whole is a catalyst for the tremendous growth JIT has seen over the last few years. He has a proven record of success and his accomplishments span the telco, banking and government sectors. His education is rooted at University of Colombo where he received a B.Sc. in Science and Business Management and an MBA in Marketing.

Analytics to streamline anti-money laundering

Analytics to streamline anti-money laundering

Risk professionals are always concerned about the known, unknown and unknowable across their firms – especially when it comes to money laundering activities within their firms. Money laundering – the process of hiding the illicit origin of money – has been on the rise for years.

If organisations fail to swiftly detect and curb money-laundering activities, its executives and board will risk negative publicity, reputation, along with aggressive fines and penalties. Over the past few years, numerous firms have been fined hundreds of millions – and in some cases, more than a billion dollars – over AML lapses, which excludes the remediation costs of increasing staff and hiring consulting firms to assist in the effort.

Identifying threats is getting harder. It requires increasingly sophisticated analytical tools and data visualisations that make it easier to identify and understand new and evolving threats.

In response to the growth in money laundering and terrorist financing activities worldwide, regulators have stepped up compliance mandates. Firms are quickly finding themselves under oversight scrutiny. Because of enhanced regulatory pressure to continuously evaluate the firm’s risks, identify emerging trends, report suspicious activity and expediently make changes, firms are seeking out new and aggressive approaches.

Today, it’s no longer enough to use standard technologies and controls and accept any undetected money laundering as part of doing business. Rather, regulators are requiring firms to be more proactive, innovative and thorough – for example, by using big data analytics and visualisations to uncover new and emerging risks. These technologies make it easier to pinpoint more indicators of risk – including indicators that may not have been visible before. They also eliminate guesswork and enable earlier detection.

But progress toward meeting these requirements is being hindered by many challenges. For example, data is typically scattered across different systems, with no sole source of truth readily available. This makes it difficult to analyse data using traditional AML tools; the process takes too much time and resources to get the job done. By the time anomalies indicating emerging risks are detected, damage has already been done.

In addition, risk managers typically rely on static spreadsheets and reporting, which aren’t designed to help people detect anomalies and quickly find “the needle in the haystack.” Plus, static reports and spreadsheets can’t be used to provide fast answers to the complex questions being raised by executives today.

To meet these demands, the AML industry has turned to analytical/statistical methodologies to improve monitoring programs by reducing false-positive alerts, increasing monitoring coverage, and reducing the rapidly escalating financial cost of maintaining an AML program.

Already struggling to control costs, firms are continuously scrutinising the economic cost to perform AML compliance. AML officers are judged not only on their ability to react to regulatory changes and quickly implement solutions, but also their accountability for AML program expenses. AML officers are increasingly required to play multiple roles, and it takes real leadership to balance and manage these expectations.

Segmentation is the logical first step.

A typical anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring program has scenarios that monitor the customers and accounts that pose the most risk to the institution. The one-size-fits-all methodology isn’t very effective. That’s because customers transact differently based on many factors.

An effective AML transaction monitoring strategy begins with a sound foundation for monitoring customer activities − and a quality segmentation model provides just that foundation. Banks can begin with segmenting the customer base by analysing customer activity and risk characteristics.

Segmentation is the primary foundation for risk-based scenario threshold setting, and the quality of the segmentation model directly affects the transaction monitoring system’s ability to perform in an effective and efficient manner.

The SAS approach – The SAS approach to segmentation generally requires three primary activities:
1. Customer, account or external entity population segmentation (or a combination thereof).
2. Further refinement of individual segments into peer groups (only needed if anomaly detection will be performed).
3. Initial threshold setting (needed to assign the scenario threshold parameter values to use initially prior to the first scenario tuning and model verification project).

In addition, SAS adheres to the guiding principles of OCC 2011-12 when developing, implementing and validating segmentation and peer group models, including the process of initial threshold setting.

Clearly, financial institutions of all types and sizes need to beef up their BSA compliance efforts. The challenge is that high transaction volumes from online and mobile banking services give criminals considerable cover for money laundering schemes. Identifying a suspicious transaction is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Saying so, Chartis Research, a leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for Risk Technology has ranked SAS as the ‘Category Leaders’ for Anti-Money Laundering Solutions in the RiskTech Quadrant 2017.

The report states how SAS supports banks across a range of fraud and financial crime risks, via a comprehensive suite of solutions delivered through a global network of professional services and system integration partners. It also mentions the differentiating elements of SAS’s solution which include the significant investment in financial crime risk management that underpins it, and its enterprise approach as well as SAS’s data aggregation capabilities, combined with analytics and visualisation, to support a holistic view of financial crime risk management.

Rapidly increasing risk – combined with evolving government regulations – requires an advanced strategy when it comes to monitoring data for illicit activity. With SAS’s risk-based approach, firms can manage alerts easily, test scenarios and comply with industry regulations:

Get quick, accurate alerts: Know if suspicious activity is happening. Manage alerts from a centralised system, making it easier to preserve data security, minimise IT support costs and promote collaboration across the enterprise

Easily track flow of funds: Enables to see debits and credits, as well as variation in volume of funds between entities.

Be transparent. And compliant: Automatically monitor suspicious behavior, document the decision process and, if applicable, file pre-populated reports with the appropriate authorities.

Find the best scenario and take the best action: SAS high-performance visualisation tools significantly reduce the time required to analyse data, visualise patterns, hypothesise monitoring strategies and validate scenario deployments.

Instantly access the information you need: In an industry that moves fast, you don’t need complicated user interfaces slowing you down. SAS Anti-Money Laundering technology has an interface that’s designed to facilitate quick, accurate decisions – which means all the information you need is one or two clicks away.

SAS is Just In Time Group’s (JIT) strategic ICT Partner in Sri Lanka, who is dominant leader in ICT Systems and Solutions Integrator to the country. JIT’s 21+ Year success with their longstanding customers, strategic principals and committed employees have been the catalyst for JIT’s success and bringing many landmark projects with cutting edge technology to the country and making Sri Lanka’s mark in the global ICT map.

JIT’s key strengths are focused on systems integration, software solutions, network and infrastructure, hardware, mobility, outsourcing IT professionals, professional services, information security services, maintenance and support services, etc.

Just In Time Group holds JIT Solutions Day 2018

Just In Time Group holds JIT Solutions Day 2018

Just In Time Group (JIT) held its ‘JIT Solutions Day 2018’ invitee-only event exclusively for its customers last week, at Hilton Colombo.

The objective of this event was to introduce JIT’S proven solutions to its customers and strategic partners, by providing new technologies with valueadded information specific to each industry vertical.

The event was split into two segments: the morning session, themed ‘Tech Disruption’ and the afternoon session, themed ‘Tech Space’, both of which extensively served the purpose of conveying information and guidance to JIT’S customer base.

The morning session kicked off to a welcome speech by JIT Group CEO Chrishan Mendis, followed by the first topic of the day, ‘Continuous Disruption: Are You Ready?’, hosted by CA Technologies Chief Technology Officer Asia Pacific and Japan Stephen Miles, where he covered digital transformation challenges, creating an agile business, building better apps faster, making security a competitive advantage and modernising IT architectures. Gemalto Asia President and Government Business Unit and Singapore Country Head Teck Lee Tan took over the spotlight with a presentation on ‘Enabling a Trusted Digital Environment in Sri Lanka’.

‘Next Generation Businesses Powered By APIS’ was the following topic covered by Axiata Group Chief Information Officer Anthony Rodrigo. He distinguished that “practically every industry has been or will be disrupted” and spoke on the disruption of both the banking and telco industries.

He stressed on the importance of application programming interfaces (APIS) in disruption of technology and unveiled a case study on how telcos are transforming the businesses with APIS. “An API is a very useful mechanism that allows two pieces of software to exchange messages or data in a standard format. Thus, it becomes an instrument to search for new revenue streams, open the doors to talent or automate processes in an innovative way.”

Concluding the energetic ‘ice breaker session’, Infosec Regional APJ and Risk Advocate RSA Ramon Karingal presented on ‘Are You Ready With Data Privacy?’, where he covered the risk challenge, regulatory burden, ‘what’s needed to close the gap’, a strategy to manage data privacy and the proven path to take command of risk, followed by datawerks CTO and Founder Tony Andris presenting on ‘Draining The Data Swamp’, where Andris discussed the evolution of modern data architecture, the end of data duplication, ‘Data lakes = data swamps’, Internet of things (IOT) and m2m, resulting in massive data sets and real-time enablement being key. The event moved on to a live discussion, which was moderated by Daily FT Editor Nisthar Cassim, which was on ‘Regulatory Economy Vs Disruptive Economy’, which closed the morning session.

The afternoon session, ‘Tech Space’ was entertained by technical sessions designed with six track sessions covering banking, telco, enterprise, security, government and emerging technology.

Ending the afternoon session, the evening was concluded with a cocktail evening to connect, network and celebrate with JIT Group’s stakeholders and customers.

‘Today a Reader – Tomorrow a Leader’ by Just In Time Group

Just In Time Group (JIT), the leading ICT Systems and Solutions Provider, commemorated their 20 years in business by launching its 20 Reading Corners Project – ‘Today a Reader – Tomorrow a Leader’, under its CSR initiative.

This project, which commenced late 2016, was an idea that emerged from the JIT workforce, to create this overall development initiative for children in children’s homes to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary. The staff of JIT thought it would be fitting to do something sustainable and long lasting such as inculcating and promoting the habit of reading in children – our future generation rather than a celebration for the company’s 20th anniversary. This idea then transpired into the Reading Corner initiative – to develop and improve the current reading resources and spaces at children’s homes and schools in need across Sri Lanka. 20 Reading Corners Project became the commemoration of JIT’s 20-year anniversary.

Today, 20 Reading Corners Later, (the 20th having been completed this April) children’s homes and under privileged rural schools across Sri Lanka who didn’t have adequate reading resources and a conducive space – will now have access to a selected and requested range of literature at their very own special “Reading Corner”. This is thanks to the Reading Corner project spearheaded by JIT and their CSR Team, with the continuous support of the JIT Staff. The sustainability of this project was aimed at creating the right reading space conducive to inspire children to read further and develop the benefits of what books have to offer.

This is the key objective, which will create continuous value and sustainability for the project. The JIT staff gets involved from the point of selecting the homes, ascertaining their need, selecting the books, identifying the space for the reading corner to everything that goes into making that space a Reading Corner equipped with furniture, age appropriate books interior layout, stationery, etc.

“Working to create a better future every day for our country’s children is a cause JIT is passionate about. We want to inculcate and encourage the habit of reading for children across the island, thereby playing our part in shaping well rounded individuals for the future,” shared, JIT Group Manager of PR and Corporate Communications Dhanya Gunawardana.

“Thank you so much for your contribution by arranging this special and lovely Reading Corner for the Girls at St John’s Girls Home. It was so good to see the children enjoying reading and making use of the place so much..” as testified by Sister Chandrani Peiris from St John’s Girls Home, Moratuwa which was a recipient of one of the Reading Corners.

JIT was honoured that it’s CSR efforts were validated by Asia Pacific HRM Congress in 2017 by receiving the award for ‘Best CSR Practices’ in the ICT sector at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress Awards 2017 held in Bangalore, India. According to the Asia Pacific HRM Congress – the organisers of the event, the objective of the awards is to promote sustainable corporate responsibility and investment in the social development within the company and for their stakeholders at large. The award was conferred for JIT based on their commitment to the society and on the originality of the work.

For JIT, this CSR award and recognition was an unexpected honour and acknowledgement of their CSR efforts and practices implemented. “This award validated JIT’s efforts in making a difference in the lives of these children and was extremely humbled by this recognition. Whether it is our commitment to diversity, our support for future generations who need to be empowered – our steadfast approach to ethics and governance, our care for the environment in which we live, the entire JIT team has embraced CSR as the transformation that is needed to be accountable as a business leader for the future,” commented Gunawardana.

At the opening of JIT’s 20th and final Reading Corner project, at to Eventide Salvation Army Girls Home, Captain Manjula, Head Matron shared that, “It is a peaceful and fun reading space where the girls now can use their free time meaningfully. We actually wanted to create a library space for the girls, so this came as a blessing in disguise. They can now choose the books to read or re-read and call it their own. We are truly grateful for this reading corner along with all the girls.”

Furthermore JIT validated their efforts towards transformative CSR and to enter into the age of responsibility, by becoming the first corporate in Sri Lanka to be assessed with the ‘Transformative CSR 2.0 Assessment Tool’ which is an internationally recognised diagnostic tool for CSR. A team of members from CSR Sri Lanka conducted a workshop for Just In Time Group, to assess their current operations against systematic sustainability benchmarks. Just In time Group was the first corporate in Sri Lanka to use the internationally recognised diagnostic tool CSR 2.0; demonstrating their investment towards transformative CSR and to enter into the age of responsibility.

The aim of this assessment was to evaluate JIT’s current awareness to align business strategies towards achieving a long-term value creation through systematic sustainability.