Indira Cancer Trust Project: 2021–2023

This project involves a Sponsorship commitment by JIT of a Room at ‘Suwa Arana’, a Place for Healing, as a Paediatric Housing and Paediatric Palliative Care Centre in Maharagama, Sri Lanka. JIT’s small way of serving the paediatric patients and their families of our country in need of support, which is also a landmark project for Sri Lanka.


IT completed the first Greenhouse gas (GHG) Assessment to capture the carbon footprints of the company for FY 2019/2020. This was the first step on JIT’s commitment to becoming a carbon neutral company, as part of our internal green policy drive. This GHG assessment was based on the WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1 Standard, which was conducted by Carbon Consulting Pvt Ltd. This was the first phase of the carbon footprint findings audit that was completed.

As the second phase, JIT will be completing the GHG assessment for 2020-2021 to certify the zero-carbon certification with credits, by investing in a local project, validated by the partnering assessor Carbon Consulting Pvt Ltd. The audit and certification to be carbon neutral for the previous financial year will be completed by December 2021 – which be an annual investment in maintaining our commitment to sustain our carbon neutral status.

ISHANI PROJECT – 2020/2021

This was JIT’s second project, for a truly deserving young girl named Ishani from an extremely poor family, who, due to an unfortunate childhood accident resulted in becoming deaf. JIT reached out to this family and took on the responsibility to cover her educational and travel expenses on a monthly basis till October 2021. Furthermore, JIT will also assist in the process of finding her medical advice if her disability, could be operated on for a successful result.


This was the first project, that came from a home in distress, into our purview for assistance. After evaluation of their needs, JIT took on the responsibility to donate funds on a monthly basis, to cover their essential expenses till September 2021. This was one of our CSR efforts to support our community’s needs during these testing times of COVID19.


JIT’s CSR efforts for this project, was by way of donating artificial limbs to 10 patients and, providing 30 full days meals for the inpatients receiving the limb procedure. This artificial limb program was facilitated by Colombo Friend in Society, who has been conducting this as a service since 1831.


‘Today a Reader-Tomorrow a Leader’

Working to create a better future every day for our country’s children is a cause JIT is passionate about. We want to inculcate and encourage the habit of reading for children across the island, thereby playing our part in shaping well rounded individuals for the future.

Our Reading Corner CSR project ‘Today a Reader – Tomorrow A Leader’ was implemented to create mini libraries and reading spaces for children that are conducive to encourage children into the wonderful habit of reading.

As our 20th year milestone, we decided to fund and launch 20 libraries and reading corners in orphanages and rural schools. This project was completed in March 2018.

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