Just In Time Group (JIT) commenced operations in 1996 and has since morphed into Sri Lanka’s foremost systems integrator, with two decadesod experience, providing timely ICT solutions and service support to a niche market. With a two decade history, JIT has executed some of the largest, mission critical ICT systems and projects in Sri Lanka. The Group provides cutting-edge integrated solutions for vital sectors such as telecommunications, government, health, defence and the financial sector.

A fully independent systems integrator, JIT can support within its framework, multiple platforms and other professional services related to software and network projects as well as hardware supply and support. We conceptualise projects which become a reality with the support of our partners and forward thinking customers.

The domain knowledge gained over the years has enabled JIT to expand operations beyond traditional boundaries, to IT services outsourcing, software development, knowledge management etc. hence the Group has the capacity to offer an array of products, skills and IT enabled services, with a commitment to delivering innovative technology and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.