Meet our ‘Techie’, Ruksala!


“I feel JIT has a connected culture where each employee is valued, accepted and everyone has a sense of belonging.  JIT as a company make efforts not only to make employees satisfied but to make them happy. It creates opportunities on regular basis for employees to have fun.



Meet Ruksala..

A day in the life of a Quality Assurance Engineer isn’t really all too different from that of a software developer. We’re excited to feature, Ruksala Sajeewani Wimalasooriya from our company who has been with us for 4 + years.

Ruksala is a Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, who is currently outsourced to a USA based project. During a quick chat with her by our HR team, here’s what she shared with us.


Being in the IT industry what challenges do you see for a female?

Maintaining a work/home-life balance is the biggest challenge I see in IT industry because sometimes females also have to work late hours to keep up with the project deadlines. Taking time for self-care or making it home for family dinner, maintaining this balance is sometimes a challenge. But as females we are inherently good at multi-tasking and managing our challenges.


Keeping up with the industry trends and learning new skills can also be quite challenging specially in IT industry as it is constantly progressing.


How is JIT supporting you to overcome the challenges you shared?

Finishing the work during designated business hours is not possible in IT industry, mostly when multiple project deadlines have a similar end date. In such times every team member works tirelessly towards a common goal, regardless of gender.

This is where JIT empowers us by providing transportation and food allowances when we work late. They also make sure we return home safe at a point when we were working from the client site.! (Currently we are WFH).


We are also encouraged to attend various training programs, workshops and tech talks etc., which are organzied and funded by JIT so that we could sharpen our skills and advance our professional career. For Instance, JIT conducted a Toast masters training which I took part in which I enjoyed very much as it was so different from my technical trainings and it improved my public speaking skills tremendously. JIT has always ensured an equal opportunity and supported every employee to reach their potential. The choice is ours to take and make the best of it.


Would you like to share your experience in working for a US client?

The first thing that comes to mind, when I talk about the experience with USA client is their cutting-edge tools and technologies. They are fabulously streamlining the business processes including development, testing, customer services and IT security using these tools and technologies. The exposure to the latest technologies we get by this project is tremendous.

As the US Client teams are geographically dispersed worldwide – they follow the benefits of international diversity, bringing together people from many cultures, varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and organizational challenges. They also allow flexible hours and work from home options as part of their HR policy, which is a great option for employees and specially who have children, giving a better work life balance experience.


How do you plan and prioritize your work?

We all know the ‘go to’ piece of advice to plan and prioritize work is to make a to do list and cross off the items when they are done. Even though it sounds lovely in theory, I was never able to stick to the list or complete the list as I always get a bit side tracked with some unplanned but urgent tasks. So, when it comes to planning the day, instead of writing down list of tasks I choose the one task that MUST get done and get this done as this would have the most impact.


Simply said, I start with the biggest, hardest and most important task and then move on to the other tasks.


How would you describe the JIT culture?

JIT has a connected culture where each employee is valued, accepted and everyone has a sense of belonging – this is what I feel and have experience. JIT as a company make an effort not only to make employees satisfied but to make them happy. This creates occasions on regular basis for employees to have fun (pre-covid). Even though I am outsourced and working at client site, I visit because I enjoy participating for all JIT events, as i feel comfortable to mingle and have little chats with other colleagues as they make me feel included.


Tell us, what you like most to do – something which your colleagues may not even know of

I do not get to cook as a chore, but I love experimenting various rice recipes, soup and other dessert recipes. Soup is my favorite and sometimes I try with different ingredients and spices to make my original soup. It never gets repetitive as I always mix things up.

There is nothing more fulfilling in my work than releasing a product into the wild and seeing it flourish. It’s a great field to be in. It’s a great industry to be working in, and a challenging and enjoyable role to fill.


Hope you got to know Ruksala a little bit better, who is valued member of our Team JIT family.

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