Lucia Perotti Children’s Home receive their Christmas wish – Just In Time Group Christmas Wish Charity Project


The Christmas season is always a good time to extend our good fortune to help others and sharing our blessings with people truly in need and want. Providing essential items such as food and clothing etc., for families to enable them to experience the joy of the Christmas Season is a small way that can give warmth, love and hope to others. As said by Mother Theresa, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

For this reason and season, Just In Time Group commenced on a Christmas Wish Project for Lucia Perotti Children’s Home situated in Welihena, a small town located on the outskirts of Negombo. Their needs were simple; bed sheets with pillow cases, food rations and sanitary items. But they wanted to do a bit more to bring extra joy to the children. The home lacked a TV and we installed a brand new 42 inch TV for the children’s activity room. The staff of Just In Time Group also contributed generously in order to give individual gift bags filled with accessories and stationery to brighten their day.
Lucia Perotti Children’s Home is a special one, which is managed by Missionary Sister Pushpa who is the main caretaker along with six other missionary sisters who have dedicated their lives solely to help children in need of assistance in facing their daily lives through the struggles they face. It becomes special because of the children who reside here, young girls from the ages 4-16 years who have been saved from extremely troubled backgrounds, experiences and struggles such as – extreme poverty, imprisonment of parents, ethical conflicts, abandonment and abuse to name a few. For this reason photos of these children are not allowed to be published to the public in order maintain their anonymity.

The primary goal of the home is to provide a comfortable place to live and conditions favouring schooling for the children who have no adequate parental protection, guidance or hope for the future. The children at Lucia Perotti come from all parts of the country, as residing in a different location gives them a new environment to have a new start towards a better life. The continuous works of the missionary sisters throughout the years have given the girls a comfortable, safe and healthy atmosphere to live.

Working to create a better and brighter future for our country’s youth is a cause Just In Time staff are very passionate about. Additionally to their Christmas Wish Project, Just in Time Group has already launched and running its CSR program ‘Today a Reader–Tomorrow a Leader’ – which inculcates the habit of reading in children across the island, thereby playing our part in empoweringour future generation.

Just In Time Group a wholly Sri Lankan company has been a key partner and implementer of several cutting edge mission critical ICT projects in the country over the last two decades. With the dawn of 2016, Just In Time Group completed a two decade (20 years) mammoth journey in the ICT arena of Sri Lanka. This growth throughout the years is a vital milestone with their longstanding strategic partnerships with principals, customers and employees.