Reading corner for St. John’s Girls Home


Just In Time Group’s goal is to create reading corners in orphanages and rural schools for children who are lacking this much needed knowledge development resource. Reading even for just a few minutes a day has a myriad of benefits and helps shape a child’s personality. Building mini libraries all across the country, be it at schools or orphanages can greatly enhance the habit of reading in children and awareness of the world around them to make them better informed, well rounded adults. Encouraging reading in children is one of the most important things we can do to prepare our future generation to face life as a balanced human being and the foundation towards better academic and non-academic growth.

Just In Time Group a wholly Sri Lankan company has been a key partner and implementer of several cutting edge mission critical ICT projects in the country over the last two decades. With the dawn of 2016, Just In Time Group completed a two decade (20 years) mammoth journey in the ICT arena of Sri Lanka. This growth throughout the years is a vital milestone with their longstanding strategic partnerships with principals, customers and employees.


This is the second project that was launched under their CSR initiative, titled ‘Today a reader – Tomorrow a leader’, for St. John’s Home for Girls in Moratuwa. This home is in the care of Sister Chandrani and Matron Sriyani – two inspirational individuals who commit their full time to these girls and also at another home located in the heart of Colombo. The girls at this home in Moratuwa are between the ages of 6 -18, from across Sri Lanka. Each girl has a story of their own, and all of them are passionate about their education and bettering themselves for a brighter future.

This home is well-organised and a spacious location catering to the needs of the children. Looking at the educational empowerment – one basic aspect was lacking which were age appropriate books for the children and an engaging and attractive space for the children to read. Just In Time Group and its staff contributed in creating this mini library and reading space for these children and it was received with much enthusiasm and excitement by the children and the staff of the home. Just In Time Group staff contributed their time and resources in painting the space and decorating it to make it attractive for the children and donating the home with a fully equipped library and activity corner complete with arts and crafts, board games and most importantly books to let their imagination and knowledge soar! The staff finished the day off with a game of Elle with the children which brought much joy and excitement to them.

Working to create a better future every day for our country’s children and youth is a cause Just In Time staff are very passionate about, and Just in Time Group has already launched its corporate internship program to further this initiative and recently launched its CSR program ‘Today a Reader – Tomorrow a Leader’ to inculcate the habit of reading in children across the island thereby playing our part in shaping future well rounded leaders.